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Let AI Run Your Campaign

Harnessing the power of AI, your campaign will be orchestrated seamlessly, utilizing advanced algorithms to analyze vast amounts of data and identify the most relevant influencers for your brand.

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How it works?

Fast onboarding

Ensuring a smooth and efficient process for importing your influencer data and setting up your campaigns. With streamlined procedures and advanced technology, we prioritize quick and hassle-free onboarding, allowing you to start managing your campaigns effectively without delay.

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Automated Influencer Matching

Our platform uses advanced algorithms to automatically match your campaigns with the most suitable influencers. This streamlined process saves time and ensures optimal partnerships for impactful marketing results.

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Automated Influencer ReachOut

Our platform automatically acquires influencer contacts, initiates outreach, negotiates prices effectively, and secures agreements seamlessly.

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Automated campaign deployment

Our platform automates campaign deployment, providing real-time KPI tracking to influencers, monitoring campaign progress, ensuring successful execution, and handling payments efficiently.

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Flare AI

Campaign Execution with AI Automation

Skip the extensive research. Simply share your campaign specifics, and our AI will take charge and autonomously manage the entire campaign, from influencer selection to execution and performance tracking.


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less time wasted by brands


saved on commissions

AI enrichments at your fingertips

our platform, marketing teams no longer need to spend days manually researching and qualifying influencers across multiple platforms. Our AI-powered solution automates influencer research, swiftly identifying and filtering high-compatible influencers based on your custom-defined criteria, saving valuable time and effort. Additionally, there's no need to waste time monitoring progress; the platform offers real-time reports for easy campaign tracking and optimization.

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Are you ready to streamline your influencer marketing campaigns with automation? Our platform offers advanced tools and seamless processes to optimize your influencer collaborations for maximum impact and efficiency, saving you time and effort.


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